Over the last few months whilst I've been exhibiting at shows up and down the country I have had a little spare time to continue my sketchbook work, ready for my new prints for 2013. In particular I have been investigating the tones, shapes, textures, colour and pattern found naturally in all sorts of cocoons and chrysalises. Many were drawn from photographs I had taken over summer from my recent visits to natural history collections. 

Below are a few pages from my sketch book, the next stage is to scan and clean up the images ready for development for 2 new square scarves and 4 new long scarves... start sampling!

Written by CRAIG FELLOWS — February 01, 2013

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Thank you for coming to my little corner of the internet to browse through my carefully crafted designs. I take inspiration from naturally occurring colours, shapes, and motifs, sometimes finding inspiration in the most unexpected of places. Many of my current designs have bloomed from investigations into flowers and fauna, an area that just keeps on giving me more and more to get excited about. Head on over to my ABOUT page for some more information on how I work these investigations into hand-drawn designs, and ultimately into the pieces you see here.

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