So today is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer, perhaps somebody should tell the rain this?! Scattered showers didn't keep away the dedicated 'craft goers' today though. Having not exhibited at this show before I was unsure what lovely customers may come but I need not have worried. With there being fantastic British craft, great food and a man wheeling a chainsaw cutting wooden mushrooms... who would want to stay indoors and stare at the rain when you could be at the Craft & Design Experience in Henley!

Where the business happens

Silk Twill Ties and Handkerchief sets

New cocoon based prints, coin purses and 'Runny Honey' square silk scarf boxed and ready to go


Written by CRAIG FELLOWS — June 21, 2013

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Thank you for coming to my little corner of the internet to browse through my carefully crafted designs. I take inspiration from naturally occurring colours, shapes, and motifs, sometimes finding inspiration in the most unexpected of places. Many of my current designs have bloomed from investigations into flowers and fauna, an area that just keeps on giving me more and more to get excited about. Head on over to my ABOUT page for some more information on how I work these investigations into hand-drawn designs, and ultimately into the pieces you see here.

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